Lustre Lingerie Annual Survey

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Every year we conduct a sexy lingerie survey designed to help us understand more about our customers and their opinions, preferences and behaviour.


We offered a £100 Lustre Lingerie voucher as a prize and we had over 100 respondents to the lingerie survey.


Here are the key insights from our latest sexy lingerie survey:


Q1: How often do you buy sexy lingerie?


Lustre Lingerie, sexy lingerie annual survey


65% of us buy sexy lingerie at least 6 times a year.



Q2: Have you bought anything from Lustre Lingerie?


Lustre Lingerie, Sexy Lingerie Annual Survey



Q3: How would you rate the following in order of importance, in relation to sexy lingerie?


Lustre Lingerie, Sexy Lingerie Annual Survey


After size, customer service and colour are the most impotant factors relaltng to sexy lingerie preferences.



Q4: From your experience shopping for sexy lingerie at Lustre Lingerie, how satisfied were you with the following?


Lustre Lingerie sexy lingerie annula survey


100% of our customers are either satisfied, reasonably satisfied or extremely satisfied with the service we provide.



Q5: What best describes your current relationship status?


Lustre Lingerie, sexy lingerie annual survey


70% of our customers are married or in lomg term relationships.



Q6: How likely is it that you would recommend Lustre Lingerie to a friend?


Lustre Lingerie, sexy lingerie annual survey


89% of our customers are likely or very liekly to recommend us to a friend.



Q7: Please can you select where you appear on the follwing matrix?


Lustre Lingerie sexy lingerie annula survey


  • 60% of our customers are female and 50% of those ar over 40.
  • 74% of our male customers are over 40
  • Only 25% of our customers are under 40



In a Twitter poll on sexy lingerie, we asked consumers if they shopped "by brand name"


Lustre Lingerie, sexy lingerie survey



Sexy Lingerie Survey Summary

  • Our customers are very satisfied with us
  • They are eqiually split between men and women
  • They tend to be over 40 and in long term relationships.
  • They buy sexy lingerie 6 times
  • They value customer service very highly.


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