The best ways to clean your lingerie

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The best wasy to clean your lingerie


The safest and best way to clean your sexy lingerie delicates is by hand. However, that is time-consuming. So ...

  • Unless absultely necessary, avoid using the washing machine and treat your frilly bits to a hand wash
  • If you need to use the washing nachine, use cold water and a mild detergent on a gentle wash cycle
  • Always hang dry your sexy lingerie or dry flat on a clean towle.
  • Never put delicate sexy lingerie in a tumble dryer because the heat may damage the elasticity in the fabric.
  • Most of our lingerie arrives in an organsa bag which you can use to keep your lingerie sperate from other garments in the wash

Extra tips:

  • Hook the back of your bras, corsets and basques before washing to avpid them pulling or sngagging on other garments
  • Turn panties and bodies inside out
  • Wash similar colours together and avoid washing whites with any other colour
  • Rotate your everyday lingerie to extend their lifespan



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