How to choose perfect lingerie

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How to choose perfect lingerie for your partner – Our 3-step guide


How to choose perfect lingerie.


Our 3-step guide


It really is very simple to avoid the dog-house, earn those brownie points and enjoy the fruits of your labours, if you follow these 3 tips:


1. Size and Shape


Frankly, if you get these basics wrong, you might as well not have bothered.


Too small and she’ll feel bad if it doesn’t fit. Too large and you are in similar trouble if she isn’t!


Seriously, it would be safer to buy jewellery, chocolates or perfume but that’s not what you want to see right?


So … when she’s out, raid her undie drawer and also check out the dress and bra sizes you find. Make a note of the band and bra size. With 34B for example, 34 is the band and B is the cup size. Good bra fittings tend to be adjustable and some have removable pads which helps. This will also give you an idea of the style she prefers.


If you can’t raid the knicker drawer without getting rumbled, ask one of her more discreet female friends. Tell them you’ve seen a dress/coat/jumper/anything you think she’d love and need to know her sizes. She won’t believe you but will probably play along.


Size matters but it isn’t the whole story. Certain types of lingerie suit different body shapes better than others. Here is our handy guide:


How to choose perfect lingerie for your partner – Our 3-step guide




If your partner has a “trendy” triangle body shape with wider hips than shoulders, then you can either play to those hip assets or distract from them. For the former, go for a lacey flowing negligee that is really tight at the bust. To shift attention to the bust, go for a bustier or a ruffled bra.


Hour glass:


For hour glass figures where the hips and shoulders are the same width with a small waist in between, you can’t really go wrong but it pays to make the most of that 24-inch waist with a teddy or a corset.


Inverted triangle:


The inverted triangle shape is where the shoulders and chest are wider than the hips. Halter necks are great here as are camisole sets and teddies.




If your partner has a more rounded body shape with a waist line that is wider than her shoulders and hips, go for a negligee or a teddy. Stick to darker colours and also consider a peignoir or a gown. In our experience, women with rounder figures have the most to gain from wearing beautiful lingerie.




The “athletic” rectangle shape is one with few curves anywhere. Shoulders, bust line and hips are all about the same width. Go for something that clinches the waist in and pushes up the breasts. A corset, bustier or padded bra set would be ideal.


2. Style


At we sell over 900 products ranging from elegant, subtle and classy white bridal wear to the type of raunchy and revealing lingerie items you’d expect to see in the dungeon in the movie 50 Shades.


If your partner is more “shy and retiring” than “amateur pole dancer” then it’s certainly worth keeping this in mind. If she is rarely out of her sky-scraping platform high-heels, then you can be more adventurous. If she has nothing but flat shoes in her cupboard then you might want to reflect that in the raunchiness of the lingerie


3. Colour


Black is the most popular colour for lingerie and not without reason. It’s very, very sexy and works well with all skin tones and hair colours.


However, some colours work better with certain skin tones and hair colours.


Women with particularly light skin tones look amazing in lighter pastels and powdery colours. Women with mid-range skin tones look best in stronger colours like red, and those with dark skin tones often prefer patterned lingerie or a colour to create alluring contrast, such as white or ivory.


For hair colours, blondes look fantastic in light pinks, blues, purples and greens. Brunettes look wonderful in stronger colours such as burgundy, earth tones and colourful prints. They should avoid pastels. Redheads look amazing in bright sassy colours like red, emerald green, crisp blues and purples.


In short, the colour should enhance rather than dominate or mask your partner’s natural beauty and that is based on her skin tone and hair colour.


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