A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie

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A man's guide to buying lingerie


Size matters!

I'm afaid if you get this wrong you might as well not have bothered.

Too small and she'll feel bad if she can't get into it. Too large and she might assume you think she is bigger than she really is.

So, raid her lingerie drawer when she isn't in and check her sizes.

Make a note of both the band size and cup size on the bra, for example it might say 34D. 34 is the band size and D is the cup size.  

Will she wear it?   

It can be hard to know what colours and styles your partner prefers but like before, the easiest thing to do is just look. Take a nose inside your partner’s wardrobe and lingerie drawer, are there colours or styles that appear often? If so then this will most likely be her preference. Finding the right style of bra can also be an issue so get a balcony bra if you aren't sure. The balcony style is suited to most bust shapes and sizes and best of all you will love it too.

Game, set and match

If you're surprising your partner to a lingerie set then make sure you get the matching lingerie set.

When ladies are being treated to beautiful new lingerie the last thing they want is to receive a black bra and red knickers.

Make sure that when you're looking for a lingerie set you check to see that they have both the bra and knickers in her size.

After all there is nothing sexier than matching lingerie. 


There is nothing wrong with surprising your other half with lingerie that is sexier or a little bit different from what they usuallywear but remember you are buying lingerie for them not you, so don’t just pick something that you would want her to wear.

Try to choose lingerie that she will feel comfortable in. Something that is too sexy or provocative might just put them off and make them feel uneasy.

Every woman wants to feel sexy but they also want to feel classy and sophisticated too, so it’s important that you get the right balance.


Mix it up a bit

Choosing a classic bra and knicker set can be an easy and obvious choice when choosing lingerie but there are so many different styles to choose from.

If you want lingerie that your partner can wear everyday then you should get a bra and knicker set but if you’re looking to be more adventurous or purchase something a little sexier than usual, take a look at babydolls, bodies, basques, chemises and suspender belts. 


Whatever you end up with, good luck!

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